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How to Win Elections


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Electoral Areas

The different types of election are reflected in the size of the electoral areas in which a candidate stands. These are known as constituencies for parliamentary elections, wards or districts for local elections and regions for European elections.

If you are unsure of the boundaries of the area you are planning to contest, Ordnance Survey publish an online map with an overlay of each type of electoral area. Check it out here.

The Map on the right is a ward map of Nottingham. As you can see not all wards are the same geographical size, in fact they can be very different. I do not know Nottingham, in fact I've never been there but from looking at this map and knowing that the populations of each ward should be broadly similar I would say that Radford and Park is more urban than Dales. It is worth your while checking the ward maps for your area especially if you are going to deliver leaflets door to door. It may help you pick a more manageable ward.

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