How to Win Elections

How to Win Elections


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Knock-Up Areas

Election Day

Number Tellers


The Count

Post Election Party

Post Election

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The purpose of an election campaign is to maximise the vote for the candidate(s) you are supporting. To explain how the parties do this it is helpful to look backwards from the Election Day itself see what steps are needed to achieve this.

On election day you need to know which voters have already voted and which of those who if they vote will vote for you but have not yet voted. You can only know which voters intend to vote for you if you ask them; this is the purpose of canvassing.

During the campaign you need to ask voters if they'll vote for you and if they say they will you need to keep a record of this.

You can only know if someone is a voter or not by checking the electoral register. This is where your campaign really starts.

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