How to Win Elections

How to Win Elections


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Knock-Up Areas

Your knock-up area should reflect a mixture of the local geography and your supporters. Try to avoid sending people down the length of main roads, instead think in terms of blocks of streets. Avoid people crossing busy roads if at all possible. It wastes time and can be dangerous. The last you need on election day is one of your helpers having to go to hospital. Send one to one side of the main road, with its side streets and another to the opposite side.

Each knock-up area identified by letters, A, B, C etc. If you are using a computerised system you can use a system whereby you create an X area. This area contains all the streets or sub-streets where you have no declared supporters. Postcodes in some places can contain only a single house so this it is not unusually to have some postcodes where you have no known supporters, especially if your canvassing was incomplete. As your supporters vote during the day if all your support in a postcode area have voted then move that area into X area. This means that your computer does not waste processing time looking at these roads or parts of roads during the rest of election day.

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