How to Win Elections

How to Win Elections


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Local Press

The local press are a wonderful channel for you to use to improve the profile of your candidate. They like local politics as it is a useful and continuous source of conflict stories. There are always at least two sides of the story to report. They are also, usually, short of copy so you have a very good chance of having your story included in the paper if it is well presented. Press releases saying what your campaign is doing should be issued regularly but bear in mind the publication dates of your press and release your stories in time to make the paper, especially if your local paper publishes weekly. If they come out on a Friday and you’ve organised a public meeting for a Wednesday make sure the press no about in time to print your story the Friday before the meeting and not the Friday after, if you want people to attend. If you don’t know when your local journalists’ deadlines fall, ask them. They will be glad you care.

The candidate should be prepared to write letters to the local press for publication in their letters page and be prepared to respond to similar letters from other candidates. Don’t let these exchanges become a slanging match as no one benefits from that, make sure it is clear that s/he is respectfully disagreeing not calling someone a liar. Negative Campaigning makes campaigners feel good as they think they've hurt their opponents but the public are not stupid and know exactly what's going on most of the time.

There are of course times when it is best to say nothing. For example if your opponent has probems in his/her personal life, going through a messy divorce for instance, and you are asked to comment the best thing to say is that it's a private matter that has nothing to do with the campaign and you do not wish to comment. Your opponent is much more likely to remember this and return the favour in the future and the public will see that you are not conducting a personal campaign. Whether this actully delivers more votes or not is uncertain but at least you will have retained your dignity.

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