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How to Win Elections


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Polling Districts

A polling district is a clearly defined geographical area within which all the registered voters vote at the same polling station. The number of electors in a polling district can be widely variable from several thousands in large urban areas to just the residents of a single village in rural areas.

Electoral Areas are comprised of a number of Polling Districts. The number varies depending on geography, population and the type of election. A local council electoral ward typically comprise 2-4 polling districts; a parliamentary constituency may comprise 4 - 10 wards and a European multi-member region can comprise over 70 constituencies. With the exception of islands these will all be geographically continuous.

There will be a separate Electoral Register for each Polling District within each ward in which the election is taking place. Within each Polling district the information shown will be in the format of Polling District Initial(s), Poll Number, Street by House Number, Surname, Name Initial, Date of 18th Birthday (if the elector turns 18 during the period of the register). The streets are listed alphabetically but are broken down by postcode so there may be a number of sub-streets for each street. This become relavent when you are knocking-up.

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