How to Win Elections

How to Win Elections


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The Eve of Election

On the day, or more likely the evening before the election, you will have reached a stage where you can do no more canvassing, any final day leaflets have been delivered and your campaign team are taking a well-earned break. Now the real work can start.

The first thing to do is prepare what are called knock-up sheets. These are lists of the voters, by road, who, during canvassing, said that they were going to vote for your candidate. This information is taken from the canvass returns. If you are using a computerised system it may not be necessary to print out the knock-up sheets at this time.

Either way you will need to analyse the canvass returns and break your polling district(s) into smaller areas that a knocker-up can visit in one trip. There is more about this later, but basically these areas should be area that a person can walk around. They will usually cover more than one street but the streets will be geographically adjacent which may mean they are not in the order they appear on the electoral role. If Abbot Road is next to Wyndham Way they should be in the same knock-up area.

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