How to Win Elections

How to Win Elections


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Public Meetings

Online Campaigning

Eve of Election

Knock-Up Areas

Election Day

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The Count

Post Election Party

Post Election

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So if you’ve followed the procedures set out on this site you have been working hard on your election campaign from February through to the first Thursday in May; you’ve canvassed and leafleted your ward many times and monitored the electors voting on Election Day, Will this guarantee that you will win?

No it won’t, because democracy is always about more than just procedures and processes. What you will have been able to do is maximise the turnout of your vote, which will increase the likelihood of electoral success but there are no guarantees that this will be sufficient to succeed. The most important thing you need to succeed in politics is a set of principles and policies that are in tune with your electorate, what that entails I’ll let you work out on your own. The advice given here is not concerned with the policies you may to advocate in support of your election campaign but purely about the process of campaigning and maximising your vote. This advice is therefore intended to be politically neutral.